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The Most Common Dell Laptop Problems and Quick Fixes

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The Most Common Dell Laptop Problems and Quick Fixes

Dell has brought dozens of models under several series. Not all devices are made to be same in terms of performance and usability. But, there’re certain Dell laptop problems which are common in most models. Let’s know about them and be a smart Dell user.

6 Dell Laptop Problems and Potential Solutions

In this article, several problems that Dell users often face have been stated with the quickest and most effective recommendations to fix them.

Dell Laptop Keyboard Problem Fix

On most occasions, a keyboard may malfunction if there’s a lot of dust caught inside it. In that case, you need to clean the keyboard and try to remove the dust as much as possible.

Sometimes, the issue can be caused due to a conflict between the operating system and the device driver.

The problem isn’t rare, and the fix is pretty easy with just a few steps to follow.

First, restart the device. This should fix the issue. If it does not, you need to uninstall the Dell Laptop Keyboard Driver and reinstall it.

If the issue still bothers you, you can update the driver. For both uninstallation and updates, you have to go to the Device Manager and find the specific driver.

Dell Laptop Sound Problem

You may not receive any audio, or even if you do, the output is too poor to accept. You have to start with the most common reasons first.

Check all the relevant cables, audio jack, and laptop port to see if anything is unusual. Replace them if broken or damaged. When you find that these parts are okay, you need to proceed to another step.

Go to the Device Manager and find the audio driver which may be outdated or corrupt. Either way, you can uninstall and reinstall it. Sometimes, updating the driver may solve the problem for you.

Dell Laptops Touchpad Problems

Isn’t your laptop’s touchpad responding very well or did it stop working at all? Seeing any of these, you can’t really rest, no matter if you love to use an external mouse. Try the following steps one by one.

Use the laptop’s function key to enable the Touchpad functionality. For Dell laptops, the usual function key is F9. If nothing happens, try the next step.

Go to the Control Panel and re-enable the touchpad from there. Alternatively, you can go to the Dell Settings menu.

At times, update the driver may work. Also, rolling back to a previous version which was working properly may solve it. For doing any of them, you need to use the Device Manager.

Some users think that using a Linux Boot DVD to regain a laptop’s touchpad functionality is strange and risky. Well, a lot of people have success too.

You need to create a Linux boot CD or DVD. Use that to boot in Linux. Finally, boot back on your operating system.

Dell Laptop Boot Menu Problem

Do you see a black screen during your laptop’s startup? Maybe, the laptop cannot power on or boot into the operating system. Before doing anything, you must confirm which specific problem it is.

If the issue is all about the power, you’ve two considerations such as hardware problems or any software issue. In most situations, a software problem is found to be the root cause.

Start by doing a forced restart using the Reset Button and then press the Power Button to get the laptop into a functional state.

You may try to boot into the Safe Mode if a simple restart doesn’t work.

Sometimes, an antivirus or any third party program is the reason behind all this. Just get rid of them.

You can also reset or update the BIOS to Defaults.

If you don’t see any hope, this is the final step to try. A complete system reset which is known as “Windows reformat and reinstall” is all that’s left for you to try.

Dell Laptop Internet Connection Problem

Your laptop with an internet connectivity problem may lose its dynamic usability and leave you in a frustrating situation. So, it’s common that the user with such an issue won’t want to spend a second just thinking without taking real actions.

You need to diagnose the cause of the problem. For this, you can use the Windows built-in Troubleshooter. If it detects the cause, you’ll get on-screen instructions. Just follow them.

Check if the WLAN feature is turned on. If it’s not, turn it on and see if the connection is available.

Ensure that the “WLAN AutoConfig” service keeps running.

Sometimes, outdated or corrupt wireless network adapter driver is the cause. If you doubt that, you may try updating it.

If there’s any application which is incompatible with the networking components, you should uninstall it anyway. Finally, try connecting to the network manually.

Dell Laptop Login Problem

This particular problem is not essentially related with Dell laptops but is common for all brands because it’s associated with the operating system. Technically, there’s just one solution to this problem. Should you avoid a lot of details and just get it fixed anyway, windows reinstallation is the only viable way.

In addition to the above, some other issues like auto shutdown, display brightness, overheating, hibernation, etc. might occur.

Dell laptops are known for their enduring services over the years. But, it’s not a guarantee that your machine won’t malfunction or nothing can’t go wrong. In this article, you’ve learned a few common fixes which work under some circumstances. However, it’s always wise to look up to a professional if you’re not sure what to do.

At MCRS, we service and repair laptops from all brands, and in our experience, few models are left which we haven’t touched yet. Since we would like to serve our customers for as long as they need, we keep the service fees to minimum so that affordability is maintained.

Contact us today if you’re experiencing Dell laptop problems. We guarantee the right solution, no matter what it is!

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