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About us
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For years, we have been providing reliable IT solutions to Homes and businesses in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Our comprehensive services provide clients with unique technology solutions that are customized to meet the specific demands of their business.

Look to our experts for strategic IT guidance, management and support that allows you to take your mind off technology and concentrate on your core area of business. Mobile Computer Repair provides cost-efficient solutions that simply make good sense. Get to know our people personally.

Why prefer Mobile Computer Repair Service?

We beleive in ”Customer is King” and always ready to support our customers at any stages.
We provide full customer satisfaction.
Our team is well experienced and dedicated to provide creative solutions.
We provide 24*7 support.
Our full service technique is leading the industry.

We’re fully certified! Licensed and Insured!

You can trust us with your IT operations, because Mobile Computer Repair has been certified by recognized organizations in the industry.

We’re connected

The success of your IT company also lies in its strategic alliances and partnerships. Mobile Computer Repair has cultivated relationships with some of the major industry players to provide you a complete technical support team.

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