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photography for beginners


If you are looking for product photography and create photo retouching service, let us congratulate you. The simple fact that you are on our page indicates that you are a seller concerned about the image of their products. And it is that photography does make the difference between a sale achieved or a sale lost.

What should not be done if you value the image of your brand?

We often hear that “I bought a reflex camera and so I do the product photos of my store myself”. But optimism can reach unsuspected places, as there are others who believe that with their new latest-generation phone and a blank sheet is all you need to get good pictures of products. Do not play with what has cost you so much effort to create and do not allow some photos to ruin your business in the literal sense of the word.

What is the reason and objective of Photography?

The product photography is intended to sell something, whatever the type (clothing, jewelry, toys, cosmetics, accessories, etc.). It is characterized by using neutral funds in which all the prominence is given to the item that we want to sell. For example, imagine the catalog of a large surface, where the background is white, the lighting is very balanced on all sides so that the product is displayed as true to reality

cool wallpaper

Product Photography should be clear, clean and without distractions

In product photos, there is usually no element that is not the product itself that we intend to sell. The reason is simple, why distract the attention of the buyer with items that we do not intend to sell? In this way, it could be said that the Product Photography goes to the grain and only wants to show the object put on sale, without transmitting any type of message, lifestyle, or emotion, as if in this case the Advertising Photography.

E-commerce photography

Is it the same Product Photography as E-commerce Photography?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, because the technique and style are similar. No, because the term “Photography E-commerce” comes from electronic commerce, and in that case, its use is exclusively for online stores. And here comes the big difference: An online store needs optimized images for fast loading. The destination of the Product Photography can be from a web page to a physical support such as a bus shelter, billboard, or catalog of offers …, where the quality must be maximum. Therefore, it is necessary to specify the purpose when we talk about product photography.

Creative Photo Retouching Services

The Photo Retouching service is designed for individuals, companies or professionals in the photography sector. We take care of the whole process, from the digital development to the retouching of the image in Photoshop if necessary. You will notice the results!

We can retouch the photos of your last dinner with friends or your trip to the beach with your family. We are experts in ‘Lightroom’, Photoshop and different image processing and layout software.

fashion design

At some point, you may find yourself overwhelmed with work, so much so that you are not able to finish it in order to deliver it. We can do that for you. Do you accumulate wedding services, communions, baptisms, or any other event? Do your customers demand that you deliver those photos that are so important to them? Do not lose your trust and leave it in the hands of our ‘Photo-Retoucher’ service.

Give us the. The .RAW file you want us to process and we will take care of everything. Show us your personal style by revealing, so your photos do not lose your identity stamp. We can also propose, if you wish, our best point of view, including giving you the work done to go directly to the printing laboratory.

Being such a special service in each situation, it is difficult to determine a price, so we encourage you to consult us so that we can fix an affordable budget for you.