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Strategy of Our Work

business idea

Business idea

Rental and maintenance of a park of professional computers for companies with the operating system and the office pack. The objective is to obtain the computer equipment at a very good price (volume effect) and include in the services billed to the customer the amortization of the material (3 years), insurance, and technical assistance, both for the material and for the problems of software.

The licenses of the programs (Windows, Pack Office) would be paid separately by the client, but the company would manage the relationship with the software company (in this case Microsoft). The other programs (for example, the company’s management system) would not be included in the services.

Business Model

The idea is to offer a flat rate to the client. Pay every month a fixed amount and you do not have to worry about your computer material or technical service. Every 3 years the park is renewed so it is always using machines perfectly up to date. On the part of the company, having a flat rate allows you to secure long-term income (for the duration of the contract).

Some procedures or maintenance not included in the main service would also be invoiced separately, but it is estimated that they would not be very common.

technology service

Added value for the client

The advantage for the client is that he does not have to worry about anything for most of his computer management. It has a stable cost, it has insurance and maintenance, and can always enjoy a material in the best conditions since the computers are changed every 3 years.

Market segmentation

This service is aimed at small and medium enterprises, with between 5 and 100 employees. The micro-enterprises and the self-employed are not interested because they would represent a very small and unprofitable volume. Larger companies would not enter customer segmentation either, as these companies usually set up their own IT department, and are more interested in purchasing or renting solutions without maintenance services.

Marketing strategy

This part of the business plan is usually called the 4P by the initials of the concepts involved which are Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion.

* In this case the product is the computer services already described, and being services and not a physical product the work is not focused on the presentation but on the preparation of a complete service, understandable and capable of providing an excellent customer experience.

* The prices are the key point but not definitive. It is important to insist that we do not seek to compete only for the price because it would be impossible against sales-only offers, but for the added value of assistance and maintenance. Of course, we must offer a more competitive price than other companies that offer a service of the same quality of machines and services as ours.

* The distribution would be made within a policy of commercial prospecting, based on the study of databases of companies of the size that we are looking for and with an important computer park. A company with 10 office employees is more interesting than another company that has 20 employees but only 2 computers.

* Advertising and promotion of the service will be done through several channels. A personalized physical mailing to companies that meet the desired criteria, advertising on both offline and online such as in Google AdWords and eventually, some advertising in the specialized press.