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‘Mobile Computer Repair Service’ detects the hardware failure of your computer at its initial phage and correct them at the appropriate time.  In a preventive way, our team of engineers will establish a programmed plan of inspection, operation and calibration of the equipment and will make sure that they are in optimal operation. In a corrective manner, it will restore, if necessary, the operation of the systems or equipment of your company quickly so that your business remains in operation.We have been serving your technology needs both at home and at your business.Which will allow you to quickly and easily rebuild and maintain your business.Contact us today for all your technology and support needs.

We specialize in providing fast, reliable support resolving any computer issue you may face. Here are a few examples:

* Windows and Mac OS install or reinstall including data backup if required.

* OS (Operating System) boot up problem.

* OS cleanup and optimization.

* Printers, Webcams and all other accessories set up.

* Secure mail server creating.

* Set up a new computer with customizable configuration.

* Antivirus Installation and maintenance.

* Data Backup and lost Data Recovery.

* Malware and Viruses issue solving.

* Laptop and MacBook Screen replacement.

* Power Supply and DC Socket repairing.

* Cooling fan replacement.

* Support for all types of Apple Devices including MacBook, iMac, iPhone and iPad

* Android OS, Tizen OS, Windows Phone and tablet problem solution.