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computer repair service
computer repair man

Darren Stanley

Masters in Technology and computer science from UCLA

Prior to coming to ‘Mobile Computer Repair Services’, Darren Stanley spent 5 years as Vice President of a major LA-based manufacturing company. During that time, he implemented and created MRP systems which run the entire facet of a large multinational company. He led some of the top  software designers to carry out some of the nation’s most complicated tasks.
As the head of ‘Mobile Computer Repair Services’, he brings that same expertise to assist in all stages of client projects. “I love working with individuals at mom and pop businesses. There is so much to bring them.”

Project Management

He is one of the founding members of ‘Mobile Computer Repair Services’ and has over 20 years of technical, marketing and project management experience to serve our clients. His in-depth way of tasks guarantees a solution that works right the first time.

computer repair man

John Blacke

computer repair man

Claudia Chmielewska

MBA Main School of Business (SGH-Europe)

Marketing & Advertising Manager

e-commerce consultan

Computer Repair Technician

A laptop or computer professional is a person who services and maintains laptop or computer systems and web servers.  The technician’s responsibilities may increase to include building or establishing new components, setting up and upgrading software programs, and creating and also computer networks. Computer technicians add a spread of settings, covering each the general public and personal areas. Because of the relative age of the profession, establishments supply certificate and degree programs designed to organize new technicians, however, pc repairs are performed by skilled and authorized technicians who have little formal training within the field.

Since 2003, we have supported the local Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Thousand Oaks areas. Companies have been working with us because we are:

Our certified mobile technicians and business staff are here for all of your computer needs-

computer repair service

You’ll benefit from our tendency to use well-tried ways to keep your network up and running as efficiently as possible.

When you need us, we will be there quickly and can find solutions apace. You can rely on us you when you need a quick solution.

We get the job done to perfection because we provide a comprehensive set of network services to meet all of your needs.

You save time and money with our well-educated technicians who have access to advanced diagnostic tools to bring results quicker than ever.

Your needs are met quickly as a result of our tendency to make a complete analysis of your network earlier. AND we’re always prepared.

You will be served by a team of friendly professionals who feel happy to assist you and are always committed to delivering you the most rewarding experience ever.

Our certified mobile technicians and business staff are here for all of your computer needs. Leave IT to us and be successful in business.