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terms and conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

By signing the work order and hiring us to handle your computer(s) repair, you acknowledge having read, understood, and agreed to follow terms and conditions specific to mobile and computer repairs.

As per your request for services from Mobile Computer Repair Services, hereafter referred to as “MCRS”, we shall diagnose and work on your computer for a specific service fee as calculated and mentioned in the Work Order signed.

A “Computer” refers to a particular group of devices, all peripherals, and other electronic gadgets which include Desktop PCs, Laptops, Servers, Xbox, PlayStation, Printers, Faxes, Stereos, Computer Monitors, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. For an inclusive understanding of the terms and conditions in the Work Order, all these devices and appliances are referred to as “Computer”.


Unless you are entitled to free diagnostics of your Computer, you will be responsible for paying the diagnostics fee in either of the cases, you have us work on your computer or choose to assign the job to another company. In the event that your Computer is irreparable or irreplaceable or damaged in any way we are not responsible for, you will be responsible for paying the diagnostic fee.

Before beginning the repairs, the estimated cost for any replaceable parts may be due upfront. The full payment for the expense of the components or parts including the final amount owed for our labor will be due upon the successful completion of the job.

During the diagnostics, we may figure out that your Computer has additional problems alongside the one(s) you have pointed out. We will notify you of the required cost for those repairs. The cost of the components/parts that have already been purchased will still be applicable even though you may choose not to get the additional repairs.

We cannot make an accurate estimate of that cost unless we test the hardware in real. The testing procedure takes time and the use of some parts. Payments for those parts and time will also be required. If no prior arrangements are in order and we have to release your Computer, you must be able to pick up and send the final payment beforehand.

Any Computer that has been left for over 30 days after the Work Order has been agreed to will not be included in our responsibility. In such a case, you need to forfeit all your claim to the item(s) which will be either recycled or sold. Any check that is bounced or returned will incur a certain fee, which is $25.

Loss and Damages

You must understand and agree that the responsibility to keep backups or copies of all your important data before the start of the repair job is solely your responsibility.

MCRS maintains a highly concentrated precautionary management to make sure your Computer stays protected along with all its hardware, software, and data. However, MCRS cannot be held liable or responsible for any of the damages that might occur to the hardware and software, data, or anything on a Computer along the way it reaches us.

In the event that your Computer or any of its parts/peripherals or the network gets damaged while being on our premises, we along with the insurance company can be held liable or responsible for taking care of the cost of replacement(s) of the lost/damaged hardware. But, we cannot be held responsible not for the loss of data in any amount stored on a Computer and/or its network.

In any case, you can only expect the recovery of any damage or loss of the Computer or its parts when the amount required for the replacement doesn’t exceed the amount you have agreed to pay us for the requested service.

Advertising Policy

MCRS reserves the right to use any evidence or photograph or proof in any form to demonstrate what we have accomplished on a particular project for the purpose of advertisement to attract potential customers. We also hold the privilege to use a sticker including the information of our company on a Computer for both advertising and tracking purposes.

Data Ownership

When service involves transferring information or installing software, you represent that you have the legal right to copy the information and/or to use/install the software. You agree to the terms of the software license, and you authorize AC to accept such terms on your behalf in performing the service. AC cannot be held responsible for accidentally reporting hacked or illegal software or content.

Warranty Clauses

While working on your Computer, we warrant that the job will be carried out in a professional and punctual way. All our services and the parts used are warranted for 30 days subject to our discretion. We do not warrant the removal of adware, malware, spyware, or viruses permanently. In case, they might be the reason for repeated malfunctions, you must pay again for our service. New peripherals and custom desktop computers/laptops come with a 1-year warranty, and in that case, you have to pay only $49 as service fee during the time to exchange, return, and/or reinstall any replacement part.

Used laptops and similar devices come with a warranty period of 90 days unless otherwise mentioned in the receipt. In case anything (damage/harms) occurs to your laptop due not to any accident or signs of negligence, we offer free repair service during the 90-day warranty period. If we cannot make any acceptable difference or fix the issue, either a fully comparable replacement or a befitting refund will be made.


If any section of this service contract is deemed or found to be invalid for any reason, only that particular section shall be considered void with the remaining sections of the contract being active and in effect.


MCRS reserves the right to bring any change to the policies and terms mentioned herein anytime at its discretion without being amenable to hold any kind of discussion with no individuals or parties but the legal authorities specific to the regulation and management of the service industry it has been working in. therefore, we cannot be forced or influenced by any unlawful ways to make a certain change in any of our service policies.


These particular terms and conditions shall be completely construed under the laws of California. Should any dispute emerges under this service agreement or in any way concerning the agreement terms thereof, the concerned parties shall agree that the dispute must be subject to exclusively binding arbitration only. If the customer waives any/all rights expressly, they will be required to proceed otherwise, likely taking the dispute resolution process to a court of law. Each binding arbitration proceeding specified must be carried out as “fast track” proceedings that shall be commenced in only California.

Each party is responsible for the expenses of their part of the proceedings. This shall include but not limited to attorney fees and other paper works. However, the prevailing party in a proceeding like this may be entitled to the recovery of the attorney fees against their opposing party only if the fees can be recovered in similar disputes under the state laws of California. This specific paragraph is regarded to be and shall be construed as the particular forum selection clause. All of the concerned parties must agree to be bound hereto.