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Laptop Motherboard Repair

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laptop mother board repair
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Laptop Motherboard Repair Services

A motherboard is the PCB (primary printed circuit board) that sports the various components of a computer which are engineered to be together to deliver the functionalities that make a computer what it is to us.

One fact about desktop computers is that they come in almost the same size and dimensions of cases which include different components. It means those parts are nearly of the same type and size. Laptops, on the other hand, come in different configurations and sizes which require different motherboard models.

A laptop’s motherboard is considerably smaller and thinner than a desktop’s. A smaller motherboard size means the positioning of the components must be tighter. This strictness dictates that the design of a laptop motherboard can’t just be deliberate. A simple fault in the design may lead to some devastating issues like conflicts/friction among components, heat buildup, malfunctioning state of components, etc.

Another important factor to note is that the required number of component for a laptop’s motherboard may not be same as that of a desktop’s. Expansion slots may not come with many laptop motherboards while there might be 4-5 of them to be housed on a desktop board. Instead of using expansion cards and slots for different features like networking or audio capabilities, a motherboard inside a laptop may include all those parts directly on it, and professionals call them integrated components.

A motherboard is not something you should allow an average repair person to play with because by doing such, you’ll only be increasing your chances of losing it permanently and asking for a costly replacement. So, you should have no confusions about why a laptop motherboard requires extra care and certainly special repair skills. That our laptop motherboard repair Los Angeles is the example of a top-notch service is a fact we’ve proved many times over. Wondering about our success in the job? Well, it’s something that still boosts our confidence in the job.

When Do You Need Laptop Motherboard Repair Los Angeles?

Since you know the ‘why’ of a motherboard repair service, you should learn the ‘how’ of it. Yes, we’re now going to tell you how to tell that your laptop motherboard is what needs repairing. Some signs indicate that the motherboard is beyond repair, but you shouldn’t lose hopes. You always have us to confirm that for you. On most occasions, we don’t have to tell customers that their laptop motherboards aren’t really repairable. Let’s know which symptoms indicate that it’s time you called a professional laptop repair techie.

  • The laptop is switched on (as the indicator light shows). The fan started spinning. However, you can’t get anything better than a full blackout of the screen plus an inactive hard drive (within the first 15 seconds of the initialization).
  • You see everything (light, fan, and hard drive) working which should start just the moment you switched the laptop on. But, all those things keep coming to an end (stop) in every 1-5 minutes after the initialization of the device.
  • You keep hearing a high-pitched sound (much like noise) every time you hit the power button of your laptop. The sound should be somewhat abnormal or unusual.
  • You can’t just get the laptop switched on, no matter how many times or how hard you’ve pressed the power button.
  • Sometimes, you may experience sudden shutdowns or restarts for an unusual number of times on any given day. We aren’t telling you that the only problem is in the motherboard, but chances are very strong that you contact an experienced techie immediately because that very part is going to require attention.
computer motherboard repair

Why Chose us for laptop motherboard repair service?

computer mother board repair service

You already have known when to make a move. But, we think it’s our duty to let you know how you can save yourself from the hassle of a laptop motherboard repair by following a few daily rules of using your laptop.

  • Fluctuations in the flow of electric power and its and voltage are bad for the health of a laptop, especially its motherboard. So, try to maintain an optimal flow (the recommended voltage) as long as the laptop is in use and the charger is plugged into the device.
  • Although the likelihood of dust particles or dirt to interfere with the motherboard isn’t very strong, we can’t rule it out completely. What if there’s a buildup of dust that’s irritatingly thick for a component like motherboard? It’s not at all good.
  • The cooling fans inside laptops aren’t proof of damages. These busy parts are also vulnerable to dust buildup too. So, don’t just allow the fan to fail and be the reason for an overheated processor and thus the motherboard.
  • It’s the last matter of concern for a laptop owner because the design of a laptop is made to withstand moderate impacts so that the inner components stay safe. However, the motherboard may not be kept in good shape if the impacts are too strong for the casing.
  • One of the most critical issues is liquid damage which may cause serious harms to the motherboard of a laptop. The problem may cause damages to other parts like the hard drive, battery, and other things. So, you should be conscious about the device’s being in contact with liquid in any way.

Following the above rules and suggestions, you can keep your laptop motherboard from harm’s way. But, whenever something wrong happens to this very special and important component, you should be serious about taking the right step as quickly as possible.

The above discussion may help you a lot, or a little, but what we haven’t told you is why you can rely on us for laptop motherboard repair Los Angeles. Well, it’s not very difficult to know. Here’re the reasons.

  • Unlike most computer repair service companies, we don’t fail on most occasions when it comes to motherboard repair. Experience and education make us versed in this particular service.
  • Not only do we have the right expertise, we’re proud of our collection of tools which are top-of-the-line and designed specifically for motherboard repair.
  • Even if many repairmen can finish the repair job successfully, the cost isn’t very low for the service. Our repair service isn’t essentially cheap, but it’s certainly affordable compared to the fees charged by other companies in Los Angeles.
  • Our technicians are knowledgeable enough to keep all parts dependent on the motherboard unharmed and untouched unless so is required. It means there’s no way that other parts of the laptop may get affected or damaged in the process. Technically, this is a common phenomenon when you look at the majority of average repair service companies.
  • For some older laptops, finding a suitable replacement becomes tough. Even though the replacement can be found, it might not come cheap. We can offer you a very fine solution to this very problem. Wondering how? We’ve access to a large collection of motherboards which are not only in great health but also in a proper working condition, and the price is never beyond a reasonable limit.


Do you still wonder if we can be your go-to service provider when you’re in need of laptop motherboard repair Los Angeles? Just send us a message or call us to have a chat! We promise you won’t have to wonder anymore.