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Computer Repair Encino, Los Angeles

The best thing about having a computer is that your possibilities are never limited as long as you know how to get things done, but all your efforts and skills come to a stop when the machine undergoes a trouble, no matter if it’s related with the hardware or the software system. We know few users can live with the fact that their favorite device needs attention before starting the next time.

Some machines have powerful specs while others come with a humble list, but the level of care required for both isn’t different. Our experienced PC technicians are versed in their jobs. Thus, we make sure that our customers are well attended.

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Computer Repair and Maintenance

A computer machine works with the combination of certain software and hardware parts which are engineered to work both complementarily and independently. When one of them has a trouble and you’re unaware of the right solution(s) to fix it, it’s time you stopped wondering what to do and started calling a professional who knows about the job.

It’s the diversity or complexity of the combination of all those components which doesn’t allow general users to handle a repair on their own. Starting from the operating system issues and drivers, common instances may include hardware malfunctions too. In any case, professional supports prove useful if they’re properly provided and available at affordable fees.

  • Operating Setup/System Installation & Upgrades: Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS, Linux (All Distributions)
  • Software Packages Installation and Repair: Application Software, System Software, Programming Software, Drivers, Freeware, Shareware, Open Source, Closed Source, and Utility Software
  • Hardware Installation and Repair: Motherboard, Logic Board, Wiring, Hard Drive, Cooling Fan, RAM, Display/Monitor, and other Peripherals
  • Computer System Repair, Maintenance & Troubleshooting: System Restore, Formatting, Disk Cleanup, Defragmentation, Bad Sector Removal and Recovery
  • Installation and Configurations: Printers, Scanners, Cameras
  • Other Services: Passwords Reset and Recovery, Software Repair, Registry Cleanup and Repair, Operating System Features and Services Repair
mobile computer repair
virus removal service

Virus Removal and Security Services

If a few things exist to make life in modern times enjoyable, one of those blessings has to be technology, and more precisely computer devices. As you may already know that no sweet things are free of some bitterness, the unscrupulous or unlawful adoption of technology leaves us some nuisances like viruses, malware, adware, spyware, etc. to cause us serious inconvenience as we start using a machine or step into the world of internet.

Some might say that the use of an antivirus or similar program can be just the right thing to do. No doubt that the solution is good! But, you need ‘better’ when something simply refuses to go away, no matter how hard your antivirus/ anti-malware program is working to remove it. Having access to the most reliable security tools and up-to-date knowledge, we can make it right even if the tools won’t do it.

  • Security and Protection: Firewall Setup and Configuration, Privacy and Security Analysis and Education
  • Virus Removal (All Types): Resident Virus, Multipartite Virus, Overwrite Virus, Web Scripting Virus, Boot Sector Virus, Macro Virus, Directory Virus, Polymorphic Virus, File Infector Virus, Encrypted Virus, Network Virus, Nonresident Virus, Stealth Virus, and FAT Virus
  • Malware Removal (All Types): Adware, Bot, Bug, Ransomware, Rootkit, Spyware, Trojan Horse, Worm
  • Installation and Repair: Antivirus, Malware Detection and Removal Software, Anti-Spyware Programs, Operating System Security Packages, etc.

Data Recovery and Networking Services

Where there’s a computer in use, the need for data can’t be denied. Similarly, the present age is no fun without your having access to a network that allows you to connect with the rest of the world. These necessities remind us of the two important elements, data and network, which help determine how we’re going to carry out our tasks.

Data can be stored in two ways, either in a hard drive or in a cloud storage solution. When you want to access the data without the internet, it must be a hard drive or a physical storage unit. The health of your hard drive matters in this respect. So, when a hard drive fails or crashes, it becomes a critical problem, and you’re left with nothing better than one option – recovery of the data.

Most technicians would uphold their efficiency in doing the recovery, but most of them won’t assure if they can work without the least amount of loss. It’s a critical point that makes our technicians special and reliable as they’re capable of taking the actions without risking the loss of anything that can actually be recovered. Unless the hard drive health is beyond fixing or it’s having a way too many bad sectors, we have great chances at success.

A lot of customers face issues with their networking systems at home or workplace. Not all problems are same, but the results after our part is done aren’t any less than good.

  • Data Backup and Restoration
  • Data Recovery (Hard Drive Recovery, RAID Recovery, Tape Recovery, Optical Recovery, Removable Recovery, and Digital Recovery)
  • Home and Office Network Setup and Configurations (Wired and Wireless or Ethernet Solutions, Design/ Structuring/ Cabling/ Cat5.)
  • Repair, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting (Routers, LAN Cards, etc.)
  • Sharing and Admin Networking (File and Printer Sharing, Remote Computing)
  • Setup/Installation and Configurations: Windows 2000 / Windows 2003 Server

If we were confined to providing only computer repair supports, we couldn’t be able to take pride in our great mission to make the life of computer owners easy. Because we’ve the arrangements to do more than just repairs or replacements, we believe our customers deserve useful supports, and providing them with the following services is our way to show that we care about them.

  • Professional IT Consulting and Training on Basic Computing and Utility Software
  • Internet Browsing and Email Management
  • Fundamental Education on Network Strategy and Security Assessments
  • Advanced Knowledge about System Management and Hardware
  • Custom Desktop/ Laptop/ Notebook/ Netbook System Configuration and Setup
  • Complete Training Programs for Web Presence and Relevant Skills Development
  • Basic Website Optimization and Maintenance
  • Graphics Design and UI Design Concepts
  • Education on Web Applications and Services and Productivity
  • Courses on Service Agreements, Hourly & Flat Rate Pricing Policy, and Cost Analysis

There was a time when most of our customers were from the different residences, and only a few of them were from the corporate areas. However, things have changed for us positively, and we now have a fair share of both of them. Even, there has been a surge in the volume of requests for remote repair services which we really love to offer at a very special pricing offer.


Home Computer Repair in Encino, Los Angeles

Users who rely on their home machines are supposed to enjoy the many perks in their own way, and this tendency leads to a host of different issues which may leave them at a loss at times. Except on a few occasions, the majority of requests we receive from these people is related with either some common hardware parts like RAM/ motherboard or operating system issues. Sometimes, people come to us with a list of problems that take us hours. However, we’re always prepared to be by their side because that’s what they love us for.

Office Computer Repair Encino, Los Angeles

Office computers are the most frequently used machines which receive the worst of a user’s abuses too. Can you really wait for several hours before getting things back in motion again? You know you can’t when it’s about your office computer. So, all you need is a quick fix which may not always go right.

However, with us, the likelihood of losing anything is very rare because we’ve been in this particular field for decades, and it’s only the continuity of our good work when we fix a computer or install a new setup.

Computer Network Repair in Encino, Los Angeles

Imagine only a few hours at home or office without any kind of networking facility. We guess you can barely feel okay. There’s no guarantee that you won’t be seeing anything wrong after having the networking system and devices of a workplace configured and installed correctly.

In addition, the network you’re using is one very significant part of the entire setup. When it goes down, the larger portion of your productivity is likely to go with it. Also, you become out of all virtual means of communication in an instant. We know it’s not a welcoming sight. Checking each part of your network thoroughly, we give the best shot so that you need not face the same anytime soon.

Remote Computer Repair Encino, LA

The idea of computer repair Encino has changed so much over the past several years that an increasing number of customers seems to prefer remote supports instead of going to a shop in person and spending the whole day. Not everyone get to have the luxury, and our remote computer repair services have been designed with these factors into consideration.

Ask any of our remote computer repair specialists to help, and you’ll find someone who will tell you to watch every step (that is being taken) until the successful finish.

Laptop Computer Repair Encino

Laptops are manufactured with great care because every part is nearly as much powerful as that of a desktop computer but housed in a small casing. In practice, the making of a laptop PC doesn’t resemble much to that of a desktop PC. These small devices are not only portable but also full of fun. But, their utility comes to an utterly frustrating end if you can’t turn it on or have all its functionalities in effect. Moreover, there’s always fear of having broken display or liquid damages. No worries! The supports are available in more favorable terms than you think.

laptop repair service

Emergency Computer Repair in Encino, LA

Days are long gone when you had to wait for the usual business hours to see a computer technician arrive at your doorstep. We’ve gathered the required techs and professionals to ensure fast computer repair solutions so that you can always have peace of mind knowing that there’re people to respond to your emergency call for services.