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Mobile Computer Repair Northridge, Los Angeles

Computer Repair Northridge

Imagine a day when we didn’t have much of technological privileges. Life used to go on just fine. But now, the advancement of technology has brought to us a great blessing which we call computer. Without a computer, you know life couldn’t be any more difficult than it once used to be. Any trouble, small or big, with your computer creates a situation none of us would want to experience, and that’s where computer repair services are relevant.

It’s the long list of benefits that a computer offers makes us want to use it every way imaginable. Most people rely on these electronic machines to meet their personal and professional needs. So, repair services need to be available for both cases, and we’re proudly offering them to our valued customers around every corner of Encino.

replacing the laptops charging port

Computer Repair and Maintenance

Any computing device is the carefully engineered combination of particular hardware and software packages which might not always work the way we expect. When something happens to either of them, immediate actions need to be taken to prevent bigger problems like costly replacements of parts or the whole setup.

Since every computer technician has some sort of professional skills to employ, we try to have professionals with the most complete skill set so that our customers receive only the best value to their money. We don’t essentially offer the cheapest services but the ones that cost reasonably while suffice to satisfy customers. Moreover, we guarantee the efficacy of our services to bring you the peace of mind.

Virus Removal and Security Services

Did it ever occur to your computer that you’d found a lot of your files corrupted and there’d been serious discrepancies in the overall usability of the machine? That’s the unwanted gifts of viruses or malware programs. You might have similar experiences, either direct or indirect. Then, you’re likely to be aware of the consequences. Suddenly, a computer becomes no better than a mediocre product with little to offer. Sure, you wouldn’t appreciate the idea; neither would we.

However, how much readiness did you show? An antivirus program can be an answer. What if it wasn’t enough? Soon, you’re going to be in a fix unless you’ve a very solid way around the recovery or prevention. Here, we come with all the great assistance. We’ve access to the world’s latest security applications and up-to-date techniques to combat such notorious elements, and you won’t have to cost an arm and shoulder to get them.

  • Security and Protection: Firewall Setup and Configuration, Privacy and Security Analysis and Education
  • Virus Removal (All Types): Resident Virus, Multipartite Virus, Overwrite Virus, Web Scripting Virus, Boot Sector Virus, Macro Virus, Directory Virus, Polymorphic Virus, File Infector Virus, Encrypted Virus, Network Virus, Nonresident Virus, Stealth Virus, and FAT Virus
  • Malware Removal (All Types): Adware, Bot, Bug, Ransomware, Rootkit, Spyware, Trojan Horse, Worm
  • Installation and Repair: Antivirus, Malware Detection and Removal Software, Anti-Spyware Programs, Operating System Security Packages, etc.
network solution

Data Recovery and Networking Services

The famous inventor of World Wide Web (WWW), Tim Berners-Lee once said, “Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” None of us would dare deny what the man actually wanted to mean. In practice, this truth reigns with its entire entirety. If our management system or lifestyle is the vehicle or machine, data is certainly going to be the oil that fuels it for a desired way of functionality.

Can you really expect to stay a single day with all your cool in the event of data loss? You know you can’t, and we’re no different. So, our workshop includes an assortment of excellent data recovery tools and technologies which, with some skills from the users, perform so convincingly that customers with similar requests don’t usually have to regret the misfortunes of having the data deleted or lost accidentally or unknowingly.

On a sunny day, we succeed to recover at least 90% of data, and in the most unfortunate situations, the rate goes down but not lower than 70%. Given that the health of your hard drive is still good, if not excellent or peak, we can retrieve 99% of the lost data. We can provide cost-effective solutions in case of severely damaged hard drives.

The simple rule is: we work; you pay. But, we love to bend it a little as we’re speaking of the many other things that we continue to do beyond our professional computer repair and setup services. The only purpose of being interested in extending our existence this far is our lifelong devotion to the community and the neighborhood of Encino.

  • Professional IT Consulting and Training on Basic Computing and Utility Software
  • Internet Browsing and Email Management
  • Fundamental Education on Network Strategy and Security Assessments
  • Advanced Knowledge about System Management and Hardware
  • Custom Desktop/ Laptop/ Notebook/ Netbook System Configuration and Setup
  • Complete Training Programs for Web Presence and Relevant Skills Development
  • Basic Website Optimization and Maintenance
  • Graphics Design and UI Design Concepts
  • Education on Web Applications and Services and Productivity
  • Courses on Service Agreements, Hourly & Flat Rate Pricing Policy, and Cost Analysis

We have the same air of confidence in our capabilities when it comes to networking services. Not just any way of networking can be good for your particular needs, which is why, we work to set up or repair any networking system or issues in just the manner requested.

  • Data Backup and Restoration
  • Data Recovery (Hard Drive Recovery, RAID Recovery, Tape Recovery, Optical Recovery, Removable Recovery, and Digital Recovery)
  • Home and Office Network Setup and Configurations (Wired and Wireless or Ethernet Solutions, Design/ Structuring/ Cabling/ Cat5.)
  • Repair, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting (Routers, LAN Cards, etc.)
  • Sharing and Admin Networking (File and Printer Sharing, Remote Computing)
  • Setup/Installation and Configurations: Windows 2000 / Windows 2003 Server

Most of our customers identify themselves to be either home users or corporate users. Some of them look for onsite repairs while some seek remote computer repair supports. Again, many users are also interested in the old way –visiting our place and wait for the machine to be fixed or serviced. So, we’ve recognized several aspects of our delivery of services to customers, and here’s a quick view of all of them.

Home Computer Repair in Northridge, Los Angeles

Computers are an inseparable part of our daily life, and we cannot simply stay quiet when anything wrong happens with them. Mobile Computer Repair has served thousands of residents on different occasions when their home computers had troubles or signs of malfunctions.

Remote Computer Repair Northridge, LA

The idea of having someone working remotely to fix your computer while you’re staying at home or office is getting popular day by day because of the reduction of the time required for the job completion and the flexibility the whole thing offers. At the same time, the negative outcomes springing from different remote computer repair contracts are causing concerns among customers as to the security of their files and protected digital resources.Before making our services open to everybody in Northridge, we’ve made sure of a few things, such as 100% professionalism based on punctuality, commitment, dedication, and transparency.

Emergency Computer Repair in Northridge, LA

Just like the fact that life is uncertain, your computer’s current functional condition may become a thing of the past in just a matter of seconds, and when such a thing happens, all you got to do is call an emergency computer repair company. Not all of them are good at keeping their words (regarding timely arrival, quick solutions, affordable charges, and quality services), but we are, or at least most of our customers believe that much about our company.

Laptop Computer Repair Northridge

We all love these small devices that make life easier at every chance we allow them. Alongside with the availability of the internet, these machines let us make our online world movable and dynamic regardless of the location.

So, can you really allow them to put an end to your march onto the digital world only because you can’t start them or use part of them? Of course, you can’t, and you need not have to because we’re more than willing to ensure it.

Computer Network Repair in Northridge, Los Angeles

When your computer network is down or gets collapsed for some reasons, and you can do nothing about it in an instant, things just don’t seem right. Sometimes, the situation gets so straightened that you can’t afford to get disconnected from people or organizations you find important. We’ve been there and found out the fastest and most reliable way to get it back in mere minutes. However, you might have to accept some delays when it comes to replacing some devices or components.

Office Computer Repair Northridge, Los Angeles

Unlike the majority of home machines, office PCs are linked to several kinds of external devices and systems which work together to deliver greater and more comprehensive outputs. It means we have to send more than one repairman to an office when required. Usually, we don’t employ one people for all jobs, and we count on experts in various fields to serve you. It means you’ll get services from experienced people who know what they have to do. In addition, these people work real fast and bring wonderful results; so your workplace doesn’t get affected for so long.