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Microsite Design

The microsites for companies make more comfortable the usability of the page, because the information of a product is easily found and a more immediate communication between visitor and company is established. In addition, they improve web positioning due to the fact that the focus is placed on specific products and, therefore, specific keywords.

We provide microsite banner advertising services globally.

We have various corporate and promotional microsites solutions:

  • Launch of products and/or services.

  • Microsites of applications.

  • Concrete events such as workshops, seminars, fairs, weddings etc.

  • Promotional microsites.

  • Microsites congratulations.

  • Temporary microsites.

The goal of our microsite design is to promote and generate leads focused on a specific product or service in a given period of time, such as the launch of a line of specific products in a specific place. Therefore, it is ideal for the presentation of products that deserve their own page, due to the fact that due to their characteristics they require more informative and commercial content for a better understanding of the users.

The microsites for companies allow you to complete the information of your online commercial campaigns, the presentation of new products or services, or the announcement and follow-up of events in an economical, fast and striking way.

Microsite visitors are attracted through an online marketing campaign, invited to perform a specific action previously defined, considerably increasing the possibility of them becoming potential buyers, as well as allowing us to collect their data to get in touch in future promotional campaigns.

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Banner Advertising Services

The design of advertising banners is becoming simple to a more complex form in the internet. Each improvement in technology means another level of difficulty in the task of creating effective advertisements. Therefore, every time companies struggle not to be left behind.It is not only about being the first to implement a new visual technique or web programming, but to apply all the trends too, thus, update the web design banners and be at the forefront.

At ‘Mobile Computer Repair Service’, we work under the philosophy of impact. We want your brand to leave a mark in the memory and remain in the minds of people. We have a team of professionals specialized in working for web pages that meet marketing objectives.The design of web banners for the Internet is key when it comes to attracting customers on the Internet. Calls to action and catchy phrases help customers retain advertising messages.

At ‘Mobile Computer Repair Service’, we have a great team of professionals who know how to adapt your advertising needs on the Internet without having to worry about the price of banner design, as we find the best possible way to work together.