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computer repair

Service, repair and maintenance needs of your Computer

computer repair

At ‘Mobile Computer Repair Service, we offer –

  • Computer Technical Support, Laptop, Mac, Server.
  • Computer Repair.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance in your company.
  • Unlimited visits to your company for any event.
  • Instant support.

We provide extensive technical support for your company. Our economic rates will allow you to obtain:

  • Unlimited visits to your company during the month for any type of event and unlimited hours.
  • Technical service and maintenance of laptop, computers, mac, servers.
  • Periodic update of the antivirus on their computers.
  • Review of weekly, biweekly or monthly visits.
  • Monthly written reports with the state of the system at each technician’s visit.
  • Maintenance of network and computers every 6 months with evaluations of projects and new technologies available.
  • Permanent advice on the technology of the company.
  • Solution for your equipment in 4hrs from the call.
  • Reduction of downtime to the minimum.
computer repair