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Asus Laptop Problems You Should Solve Right Away!

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Asus Laptop Problems You Should Solve Right Away!

ASUS is one of the most respected computer and laptop brands. Based on Taiwan, the electronics company has brought dozens of laptops falling into the budget category and reaching so far up to the premium segment.

Since no electronic gadgets are built to be absolutely immune from problems and technical faults, Asus laptop problems are neither strange nor improbable. In this article, we’ve put some light on almost all issues faced by users, even including the experienced ones. We also gave some sources of information so that you can learn all techniques appropriately.

Asus Laptop Startup Problems

One can identify these issues by experiencing a few symptoms. That your laptop may not boot past the ASUS screen is the most typical experience.

Possible causes may include certain software issues or glitches, hardware problems, driver issues, or even PC settings. In case, you want to take chance to fix it on your own, you can try the following procedure.

  • Disconnect the accessories
  • Hard reboot the device
  • Check the battery and charge it
  • Use an external monitor
  • Check and repair Windows installation

Asus Laptop Login Problems

‘Sign in’ or ‘Log in’ problems aren’t essentially particular to ASUS laptops but all brands and models. In practice, the problem is particular to the very operating system you use. Also, it happens when the user forgets the admin password or login credentials.

For computers running Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, one pragmatic way to solve this is resetting Windows and starting everything all over again.

With a PC that runs Window 7, you need to have a password cracker application. But, the best way around it is to reinstall the operating system and make a fresh start.

For MAC users, there’re several ways, such as using the Single-User mode, or an Apple ID, or trying the Recovery Mode.

Asus Laptop Problems with Windows 10

An annoying problem is the ‘Black Screen’ issue after an update. For some users, the problem is too common for them to avail Windows 10 updates for their ASUS laptops.

Possible causes may include the absence of up-to-date drivers or the manufacturer’s discontinuation of support for Windows 10 for the problematic model. If the same thing is causing you sufferings, you can check out this source.

In addition, many users don’t have the access to the Start menu or Cortana as they’ve updated their laptop to Windows 10.

You can check for the latest update(s) and install if available. Otherwise, you may need to sign out of the existing account and create a new local administrator account. Sometimes, resetting the PC becomes the only option to try.

Asus Laptop No Display Problem

You might have switched on the laptop. Nothing did happen. No image or even no display at all! It’s most likely a physical problem other than the system or application issue. Check all connections to the motherboard to find if any is loose. For worse, you want to check the screen to see if it’s broken or there’s a backlight problem.

Some devices may not work when connected to an external screen, or your computer system fails to stay on. This indicates the occurrence of damage(s) to the motherboard or the system.

If you see blank screen or no images as the desktop gets in sight, it might be caused by one of the driver issues or even the graphic components can be incompatible or are having issues. You should contact your professional repairman.

Asus Laptop Hang Problem

Let’s start with the most familiar scenario.

Some machines are too weak to be good with certain versions of operating systems and users’ demands. For example, you ASUS laptop may not function uninterruptedly if it’s an older generation (1st/2nd/3rd etc.) and low on processor speed (~1.5 GHz) and RAM capacity (~2GB), and you’re a gaming buddy or a serious graphic designer.

Provided that your laptop has all the decent configuration, but you still have to experience` freezing or similar events, it’s time you gave it a serious thought. Here’s a list of reasons why it might happen.

  • Maybe, it gets overheated oftentimes or is exposed to cold temperatures.
  • The hard drive (HDD) and/or graphic hardware is/are not in good health or running optimally.
  • The battery may not be okay, or there’re interruptions in the power supply.
  • The keyboard suffers intermittent short.
  • There’s been a bug or glitch in any of your applications

You should try using Safe Mode to see if the problem persists. If it does, it’s a sign the time for getting professional repair supports. If it doesn’t, you can simply go back to the normal state and figure out the problematic application and get rid of it or find a more compatible version/alternative.

Asus Laptop Battery Problem

There’s a whole bunch of things which may go wrong about the battery of your ASUS laptop. Issues that occur frequently are stated below.

  • You may see this message: “No Battery is Detected.”
  • Some users encounter this as well: “Plugged in, not charging.”
  • The battery of your laptop may not be charging at all.
  • The AC adapter may not be functional.
  • The motherboard may become faulty.
  • Battery may have compatibility issues.
  • Charging may stop before the battery gets fully charged.
  • Charging may stop as the battery reaches 96-98%.
  • The battery may be showed to be fully charged but without any working status.
  • Sometimes, a brand new laptop may come with a faulty battery that doesn’t work well, and therefore requires you to look for a replacement.

Most of the above issues can be prevented by taking care of the battery as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. You may refer to ASUS laptop power supply problem while looking for resources on this particular subject.

Asus Laptop Color Problem

Did you ever notice that your laptop loads a faulty color profile as it restarts or wakes up from hibernation or sleep?

Again, you may see yellowish color or curved lines even though you may already have made the required adjustments in the color calibration settings.

For a moment or two, everything may seem normal, but after a restart action, it becomes all the same. This is perhaps the most common color profile issue ASUS users often face.

You may look for a built-in application named ‘ASUS Splendid Utility’. First, you have to turn it off and then uninstall it from your laptop. That should do the trick.

Asus Laptop Resolution Problem

Display resolution if not set correctly can be an annoying problem for users because the how you see things on the display is a vital part of your user experience. The text and other elements may seem too small or too big lacking the vividness you need.

It’s not one of those issues which require only professional supports. All you need is follow the step-by-step procedure as described on the manufacturer’s website.

Asus Laptop LCD Problem

Screen flickering is a familiar issue, and it’s perhaps the only thing about your laptop LCD which you can fix on your own. Start by changing how fast or slow the screen will refresh. It’s called ‘Screen Refresh Rate’. Then, you need to update your graphics driver and other apps that are either incompatible or require an update.

Besides this one, some physical damages like broken display and liquid damages can be serious and require the assistance of a pro technician.

Asus Laptop Heating Problem

The majority of models show this issue at some point of their lifecycles. If something gets stuck in the laptop’s heat sink or fan, overheating may follow. Since dust and hair are pretty common things to have, you can avert the problem by simply keeping your device away from the elements. You can clean a laptop by following the instructions offered by the manufacturer.

Asus Laptop Hard Drive Problems

HDD issues are not proprietary to ASUS laptops. Rather, it’s a common phenomenon as far as users don’t pay much attention to the health of their laptop hard drives. Due to a failing HDD, you may not be able to use your device. Also, you may experience sluggish operation even if you can use the computer. Two other issues include hard drive boot failure and no detection.

With periodic care and a little effort to make the laptop free of viruses/malware can be a good way to keep your laptop hard drive healthy.

Asus Laptop Sound Card Problems

Unless the sound card is destroyed, you can fix most problems that might occur to it. You need to follow several steps to fix a faulty audio profile which can be more about the audio settings and device configurations system than about the sound card.

Asus Laptop Internet Connection Problems and Other Issues

It’s no wonder that some ASUS users are likely to face wireless connection issues like Wi-Fi connection being not established or the network being not identified while others may have to undergo other connectivity setbacks like the phone not being detected by the laptop. However, there’s little to be unhappy, thanks to the manufacturer’s resourceful support and knowledge base!

Finally, you’ve got to be conversant with the most common and critical problems along with some techniques to fix them. In addition, it’s recommended that you contact a certified and experienced technician who understands a lot about laptops, especially ASUS devices so that you don’t have to end up bringing more troubles than solutions to your ASUS laptop problems.

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