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The Most Common Problems with MacBook Pro

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The Most Common Problems with MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro series is trustworthy and has a huge fan base that is larger than any brand of laptop. Yet, MacBook Pro users sometimes face some problems with their device.   

MacBook Pro is one of the most tremendous computers ever made in the World. The attractive features are worth the cost. 

It has extremely amazing power which justifies its expensiveness. Still there are some common problems with MacBook pro.

Common Problems with MacBook Pro

Despite its eye-catching features, MacBook Pro is not free of issues.

Let’s see the common problems with MacBook pro in this article.

Liquid Damage to MacBook

Oh no! Spilled liquid on your MacBook pro? 

Mistakenly, spilling liquid including water, beer, wine, coke or tea on a MacBook may cause damage. 

In this case, the first thing to do is keep it upside down and as soon as possible, contact us.

We are experts in liquid damage repairs, which is the reason. We are the other name of Liability. 

Problematic Keyboard of MacBook

In most cases, a problematic keyboard is the result of liquid damage.  It can be caused if some keys come off the keyboard.

The keyboard of these devices can be replaced. No matter whether it is  MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, it can be replaced. Moreover, we keep prices vary affordable ne 

On some models, like in the MacBook Pro, a dysfunction in the TrackPad or TrackPad-cable are the cause of a non-functional keyboard. In that case, the repair is even cheaper.

Defective Motherboard

The board you are using, has any defect in its motherboard, it is fixable. 

For a few defective components, the entire motherboard doesn’t need to be swapped. Replacement of the entire board is unnecessary in this case.

We can fix certain defects of the motherboard. Some of them are:

  1. If the components have been burnt due to the usage of imitation-chargers.
  2. MacBook Pro 2010 with Kernel Panics
  3. 2011 MacBook Pro which has defective video chip2012 MacBook Pro which is with no single image or GPU-kernel panics
  4. Logic Boards that are not doing power on at all
  5. Liquid damage caused by various types of liquid to all types of Logic Boards

Replacement of the Battery of the MacBook

We can replace the defective batteries of all models MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.

If your Mac is not giving the performance you are expecting, it can not last any longer. If your Mac does not last as long anymore without hooking it up to the charger, it’s time for a new battery.

Sometimes the Mac reminds the consumers about the consumers by displaying ‘Replace Soon’ again and again. There are two buttons you may want to see. One is ‘Replace Now’ and another is ’Service Battery’ under the battery-icon in the menu-bar.

In some cases, it can be seen that a MacBook doesn’t turn on at all unless the user connects the charger. Thus, often Mac doesn’t recognize the battery.

Replacing all types of batteries is part of our job. If you face any problem, let us know, we will replace them to give you a fresh user experience. 

Broken Screen or Display of MacBook

Many times, accidentally, the display of facebFacebookbe broken. In that situation,  either you can blame your fate, or you can contact us to fix the problem and replace the broken screen with a completely new one. You can make an appointment in advance to get the fastest service possible. 

We will help you if you are facing one of the issues mentioned below:

  1. Unwanted spots in the display or screen
  2. Lines in your LCD. These lines can be vertical or horizontal. 
  3. If the display of your Macbook pro shows an image but does  not show any backlight

MacBook Booting up to a Folder with a Question Mark

This is Mac’s way of telling you that something is wrong.

Mostly, when this happens, MacBook is looking for a startup-disk, but can not find one.

This error can happen if the hard drive or SSD is problematic.

We will help you get a quick diagnosis of your device to solve your problem.

Unresponsive MacBook Trackpad

TrackPads are nice. These are important so you need to fix them if there is another problem with your trackpad.

You can contact us whenever you are facing one of the below issues:

Non-clicking Trackpad

If Trackpad does not track the user’s finger-movements perfectly. A shattered surface made of glass from Trackpad also creates this problem.

You can contact us for a quick diagnosis.

Defected MagSafe Port on the MacBook

In Apple-lingo, the MagSafe Port consists of a charge-port, charger-connector, and power-connector.

If the Mac charger does not show a green or orange light any longer, there is every possibility that the MagSafe Port is defective. 

Battery Service

If you are experiencing an issue with your battery, your Mac notebook might require repair.

Contact us to let us help you to fix your problem. 


These were some of the most common problems you can face while using Macbook pro in daily life. These common problems with MacBook pro can be solved with our help. 

Do not hesitate to call us every time you need our help. We will be there by your side.

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