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Computer Repair Canoga Park and Common computer issues and fixes

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Computer Repair Canoga Park and Common computer issues and fixes

In the year 2021, we are all quite familiar with using computers. As time has passed, computers have become a lot faster and a lot more compact gradually. We no longer need to press a couple of buttons to turn on our computers anymore. Though computers have become more compact, we still run into some annoying issues while operating our computers. If you live in the US like me, you often need to look for a Computer Repair Canoga Park. But, there are some common issues that almost every computer faces and can be resolved at home if you have the proper knowledge. This article will discuss some common computer issues that you may face while going through your regular pc operating sessions. Without further ado, let us dive right in.

Overheating issue

Pc overheating is a very common issue, and almost everyone has faced such an issue at least once. We say a pc is overheating when it is operating at a higher temperature than usual. Almost all the parts of your pc can overheat if you are not careful enough. Overheating can be quite dangerous for your pc components as it can damage them over time. It also hampers the performance of your computer by thermal throttling it. So, you need to get rid of this problem as fast as you can. 


There are a lot of reasons for your pc to overheat. Heating is such a sensitive issue that even your room temperature can affect it as well. But these types of instigators are out of our control. Some things cause overheating, and you can resolve it if you have the necessary knowledge.

The most well-known reason for overheating is the cooler not performing properly. It can be your CPU cooler or your GPU cooler. Either one underperforming will raise the overall temperature inside your casing. If you have overclocked your CPU or GPU, you might face this issue as well. Often people overclock their CPU or GPU when the weather outside is cool enough. But as the temperature gradually rises, their coolers do not have the capability of keeping up with the rising heat level. 

Another thing that causes overheating is built-up dirt. As you use your pc, the colling fans gather dust over time. And if you do not keep them clean, it can hamper your cooler’s performance and result in a heating issue. 


Changing your CPU cooler and adding some intake and outtake fans is the best solution for keeping your thermals under control. But there are some other things you can do to improve your thermal performance. 

  • Changing the thermal paste of your CPU and GPU is a great solution if you have not changed it in a while. Thermal paste solidifies over time and needs regular replacements.
  • Clean the cooling fans of your CPU and GPU cooler and clean the insides of your casing. Clean all the other fans inside your casing and clean the airflow vents as well. 

Unable to turn on the computer

If you are using a computer for a while, you have surely faced this issue once or twice. You must have run to the nearest service center at that moment to perform a Computer Repair Canoga Park. Your PC not turning on can be a simple issue or a major one depending on what is wrong. As we have titled this article, this article is about the simple issues you can fix. So we will not be going deep about this issue and just show you the simple issues and their solutions.    


The simple causes behind your pc not turning on are

  • Having a loose power connection
  • Having a loose display cable
  • Your monitor not functioning properly
  • Some faulty hardware might be preventing your pc from turning on properly
  • The operating system of your pc might have crashed.   


Loose power cable

Your pc will not be able to turn on if it does not have the required level of power it needs. So, if there a dip in the flow of electricity in your area, you can have issues turning on your pc as well. If you have a PC, make sure to connect the power cable of your pc and your monitor properly. If you are still facing the same issue, open the side panel of your casing and reattach all the power cables inside. These include the motherboard power connection, the GPU power connection, the CPU fan connection, and the power connection of your storage devices. 

Loose display cable

It can happen that your PC is turning on but, you cannot see anything on your display. You need to reattach the connection of your monitor and try to restart your pc. Another mistake people make is to attach the display cable to the motherboard while they have a dedicated GPU attached. Doing so will also cause your system to not view anything on the monitor. 

If you still see the same issue, your display port might be broken, and you can try another port on your monitor or your GPU or CPU.

Disfunctional monitor

If all the previous stages have not solved your issue, it might be the monitor that is causing it. You can try using another monitor to see if it turns on. If so, then you need to change your current monitor.

Faulty hardware

You might find it absurd, but some faulty hardware can prevent your pc from turning on. We are not talking about the major hardware issues like a faulty motherboard or graphics card. We are talking about faulty peripherals like a keyboard or mouse. Users have faced such issues in the past, and you might have it as well.  

To resolve this, disconnect all the cables of your pc except for the power and display cables. Try turning on your pc now. If any peripherals were causing this, your pc should turn on now. 

Crashed operating system

If you have followed the previous steps and your pc is still not running, your operating system might have crashed. 

It is quite easy to reinstall your operating system. All you need is a flash drive. Attach the USB flash drive to your pc and restart the computer, and the setup process shall take you through it.


As you can see, you do not have to visit a store to perform a Computer Repair Canoga Park. There are some minor issues that your computer faces, and you can easily solve those problems.

We hope this article helped you.  

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