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How to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop

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Buying a new Playstation5 can get you a super game controller available with it. The game controller is designed in a way that it significantly compliments the respective consoles with it. The controller of PlayStation 5 especially the Dual Sense one contains a life beyond. If you want to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop then using the best controller can provide the best gaming experience. Before diving into the method of how to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop. Keep it in your mind that – configuring the controllers carry importance as it doesn’t work with any games.

How to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

The simplest way to use a PS5 controller with a Windows 10 desktop or laptop is to plug it in using a cable. In this case the USB-C to USB-A cable can be used which is given with the set. But if you prefer wireless connection then use Bluetooth to establish it. If you’re PS for the first time then going through the below steps should help you from the beginning.

1.       Install the app: If this is the first time you’re using the app to connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or laptop then go through the following steps.

  • Download PS remote play on your desktop and save it on your desktop or laptop. You can use this app to connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop. Go through the ‘SIE application end user license agreement’ and the ‘Privacy policy’. After selecting the checkbox, a download button will appear.
  • Now download the files and run for installation as well as follow the on-screen instructions to install the app. While installing the app, a request might be sent to download additional software necessary to use PS Remote play. Download the app by following on screen instructions.

2.       Time to setup PS5 console

The setup process to console PS5 is discussed below. Once you setup PS5 console, you really don’t need to follow it gain.

  • From the home screen, head to toward settings. Click on system and then select Remote Play.
  • Turn on Enable Remote Play.
  • If you want to start Remote Play, make sure the PS5 is in rest mode. From the home screen go to settings.
  • Choose the System option and click on Power saving.
  • From Power Saving, open Features Available In Rest Mode.
  • From here, turn on Stay Connected to the Internet as well as enable Turning On PS5 from the network.

3.       Start Remote Play

You need to follow the below steps each time you connect from the PS5 console from your Windows 10 PC or laptop.

  • Your PS5 console need to be turned on or put into the rest mode.
  • To connect the controller to your Windows 10 PC or laptop, using a USB cable is necessary.
  • Now launch PS Remote Play on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Now choose Sign in to PSN. You have to sign in using the same account that you’ve used for the PS5 console. For Remote Play, from the options of settings, you may configure video quality settings. For example- resolution and the frame rate.
  • After selecting PS5, the app will search for the PS5 console. It’ll detect the user account that you’ve used to sign in and automatically make a connection to the account.
  • After it is connected, it’ll show the console for your PS5. Select the PS5 console and start to use Remote Play. If it shows several console modes. Select the one you want to use. The second time you enter to play. You’ll see the same console you’ve selected earlier.

For HDR video quality

The process is a little different for the HDR video quality.  So if your display support HDR video then go through the following steps.

  • Move to the PS5 console’s home screen and head to settings.
  • From Settings select Screen and Video. Choose video output and set HDR to automatic.
  • For your Windows 10 PC, install HEVC Video Extension which is distributed by Microsoft.
  • From your display turn the HDR setting on.
  • Turn on Play HDR games and apps by selecting Settings- Display – Windows HD color Settings.
  • Sign in on the PS Remote Play on your Windows 10 PC or laptop by launching it.
  • Select the checkbox to enable HDR video. To do that, from settings move to Video Quality for Remote play.

4.       Control Remote Play

From the control panel, you may control the PS5 console while using the controller. At the time of Remote Play from control panel display of your Windows 10 PC –

  • Create a button to execute a similar controller’s button.
  • Control the PS button from the control center of the PS5 console.
  • Do the same with the Option Button that you’ve done with the controller’s button.
  • Change the microphone status as per requirement.
  • Check the battery level.
  • Change the screen size as per requirement.

Following all the discussed methods will let you successfully Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop.


Hopefully this article has helped you with- How to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop. If the PS5 carry a proper connection then you can play PlayStation 5 from anywhere at your home. If you want the best experience then don’t forget to connect the Dual Sense controller to your PC or laptop.

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