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A Quick Guide Showing How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC Wirelessly

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A Quick Guide Showing How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC Wirelessly

Since the world of gaming started evolving, a proper controller to allow the required control of the game has become more of a necessity than an option. For the brands that provide game controllers, it’s more like bringing as much sophistication to the gadget as users fancy than getting involved in mere competition.

Thus, you can choose from PS4, Nintendo Switch Controller and Xbox One Controller, arguably the most efficient one. However, you need to be able to connect it to your PC and a wireless method is all everyone wants. In this article, you’ll learn how to establish a connection between your Xbox device and computer the right way.

As long as you want stay out of USB connection, you’ve two wireless ways to make it happen. Both have been stated below so that you can choose to follow exactly the one that suits you.

Wireless Method

For this method to work properly, you need to make a purchase. Order and buy the Xbox Wireless Adapter. It costs only $25 plus shipping if applicable. Once you’ve the adapter, you can follow the steps below.

  • Find an open or unused USB port on the computer. Connect the adapter to that port. An installation process has to be initialized and undertaken following specific rules.
  • Locate the Guide button (actually the Xbox logo) on the controller and turn the device on.
  • Look at the top of the device and find the Sync button. Press it and wait until the logo starts flashing.
  • Locate the Sync button on the adapter. Press that small button and wait until the logo on your control turns solid and stops flashing. That’s how you can connect Xbox controller to PC Wirelessly

Wireless Method (Bluetooth)

Bluetooth has always been one of the most reliable ways when wireless connection is concerned. For an Xbox One controller, this particular way is still popular and effective.

Some controllers come with a Bluetooth connection feature while others do not. To know if yours has one such feature, you should locate the plastic around the famous Xbox logo. If that makes a part of the controller’s face, your device features Bluetooth functionality.

If you see that the plastic around the logo matches and projects towards a bumper/trigger, the device doesn’t include the feature. Xbox One S includes the One controllers. For those who bought their devices any time after August 2016, Bluetooth is available and quite a gift.

  • Go to Settings on the computer and find Devices. Then, click on that.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and stay on the same menu where you found it.
  • Hit the Guide button. Then, find and press the Sync button. If you see a blinking logo, it’s working.
  • Find “Add Bluetooth or other devices”. Choose Bluetooth from there and click it. Upon you doing this, the computer starts finding the controller.
  • After you’ve seen it, you need to choose Xbox Wireless Controller and complete the pairing process.

What to Keep in Mind?

  • Apart from the above processes, you need to keep your controller up-to-date so that it functions properly.
  • Remember that you’re trying to bring the connection between a desktop, computer, or tablet and the controller. Don’t try this to a mobile device because the controllers aren’t supported on mobile devices.
  • One thing you should understand is that Bluetooth support no attachments like chatpads, headsets, Xbox Stereo Adapter, and similar items.
  • Don’t use more than one control over Bluetooth. Such an action may spoil your fun using the Xbox One controller.

The most exciting thing about the controllers is that they eliminate the need for external (physical keyboards) and provide users a fun way to play.

You can do this to desktop computers using Windows 7, 8, and 10. Check the controller and your computer properly to make sure none of them have a problem that might hinder a successful connection and deprive you of all the fun of using an Xbox One controller.

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