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How to fix the broken button on a laptop?

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How to fix the broken button on a laptop?

Broken button on a laptop is one of the common issues faced by users. It is true that broken button on a laptop can be irritating, but it can also be repaired. The procedure to repair broken button on a laptop is easy and affordable. There are several ways in which you can repair broken button on a laptop. If you are looking for the best way to repair broken button on a laptop, it is recommended to take help of an expert, as there are several methods in which you can fix it at home.

How much does it cost to fix a broken button on a laptop?

The cost of fixing a button on a laptop is relatively high. The cost of fixing a button on a laptop depends on the size of the button and the number of buttons that need to be fixed. It also depends on the type of material used for the repair. If a button needs to be replaced, then the cost will go up.

Where can I get a repair for my laptop broken key?

Laptop repair is a process that is very common these days. Laptop repair may be expensive but it can be very helpful in situations where the laptop is not functioning properly. There are numerous laptop repair service providers in your area. To know where to get a repair for your broken key, you can contact them and find out the cost of repair and the time it will take to fix your laptop. If you don’t know where to go, then we can help you. Plz, contact us!

How to fix the button on a laptop loose keycap?

The most common cause of a laptop keyboard not responding is the keycap that has come loose. The keycaps are the small plastic tabs on top of the keys which help secure them in place. They also act as the pressure point for typing and clicking, helping to keep your keyboard responsive when you need it most. However, they can break over time, become worn out, or simply detach from their supporting springs. You may have experienced that once in a while, you accidentally press the wrong key on your keyboard. Or you suddenly realize that the tiny buttons are no longer pressed. But why do they fall off? This is a common problem and can be easily fixed with a little effort.

This article will guide you how to fix the button on a laptop loose keycap.

Here are a few solutions to fix the button on a laptop loose keycap problem. If none of them work, then you should consider buying a new laptop.

Step 1:  Get a pair of needle nose pliers and a small flathead screwdriver.

Step 2:  Get your laptop open and lay it down flat.

Step 3: Unscrew the keyboard using a screwdriver on one of the tablet screws under your laptop, be very careful as you can remove both tablets if you don’t pay attention to where the screws are located!

Step 4: After every keycap is placed you will notice one washer on the left and right of your keyboard, slide these two over while gently pressing down until they lock in place (do not force them).

How to fix the button on a laptop broken keycap?

This article will help you fix the button on a laptop broken keycap.

That in fact there are two plastic clips on both sides of the keycap. If we want to fix the button on a laptop broken keycap, we need to remove these two plastic clips by using a flathead screwdriver and remove the broken keycaps (if it is easy to access). After that we need to remove the broken keycaps as below:

There is a plastic clip on both sides of the keyboard which you have to bend in order for us unscrew or loosen it and release the button repair kit. Now let’s touch up some areas which are not properly printed and make them robust enough so when it was repaired again, they will work smoothly with your computer and connection device! If possible apply one layer of glue on rubber caps (USB plugs/jacks) under top covers too, for better fixing!

How to fix the button on a laptop broken Spacebar key steps?

Laptop Spacebar key can be very frustrating for many users. Especially if you are trying to type a word on the keyboard and keep on pressing the same key, your laptop screen freezes, or you can’t type a letter on the keyboard. So here is how to fix Spacebar key issue on your laptop here are some quick steps to fixing it.

Step 1: To fix the broken button on a laptop broken Spacebar key steps, you have to unscrew the screws and remove the keyboard from the base.

Step 2: After removing the screws, you have to remove the back plate of the keyboard.

Step 3: Next, you have to take out the key cap by gently prying it off with a small flathead screwdriver.

Step 4: After breaking the Spacebar key off, swap it with another one.

Step 5: Next you have to remove the old broken Spacebar button by removing all caps of the button and then stitching them together again or placing a piece of card in between.

How to protect your laptop keyboard key from broken

Remove some pressure with thick paper: As time goes by, the force will eventually cause your key to move out and press down. To fix this problem, we need to place something between keyboard and palm while typing; or even better is if it can be slightly lifted like an easel since such events happen when hand gets tired overtime writing long emails at night or working in windowed mode all day long. So use a piece of paper secures it on the keyboard so that key movement is reduced.

Cleaning:  You should also consider using a soft tooth brush to clean off dirt and dust under each keycap due to lack of ventilation in your home, office space, or room with poor quality air filter for the computer.


This is one of the most common problems we have to deal with when we are using a laptop. The button can get broken, or it can just stop working altogether. If you’re still having trouble fixing your button, then give us a call at (805) 208-9324 and we’ll be happy to help!

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