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MacBook logic board repair

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For functioning all computers rely on electronic connection which is known to all of us. This way the computer can function according to the user’s command. Every Apple laptop or desktop computer contains a main circuit board for computing. Actually it’s a composition of a logic chip or logic gate that comes out as a logic board or motherboard. Fiberglass and copper are the elements to make these printed circuit boards. The motherboard Apple use in their computer is called logic board. Without this operational logic board no Apple computer can function. What if this circuit board or logic board become damaged? Here we are! We’ll discuss “How to repair a MacBook logic board at home!”

How to repair a MacBook logic board at home?

Your MacBook may malfunction because of many reasons which we’ll discuss later. One of the most dangerous damage is water damage. Manufacturer repair works on individual logic board elements. Instead of changing the whole logic board, change the chip the problem is associated with. Follow the method of how to repair a MacBook logic board at home.  

1.       After opening the bottom panel, do a close visual inspection and check the safe mode to power up. Remember a liquid damaged MacBook can’t be powered up without proper treatment. If the MacBook get liquid damage, without any inspection take it to the technician to repair it. Besides, if the logic board is filled with water then replacing a single or double chip from it won’t solve such a problem. The whole logic board needs to be replaced.

2.       If you don’t want to replace the whole logic board, only replace the burned or failed component from the existing one. A circuit board or logic board contains thousands of components which are interconnected. It’s not okay to throw the entire circuit board away just because of a single faulty component.

3.       A racked PCB board or a burned hole in a logic board are repairable as the board consists of 9 layers of circuit design that interconnects the whole thing. Repairing the PCB board should prevent throwing the logic board.

4.       If you struggle to see videos or images on your Apple computer, test the GPU to solve this problem. Check the video card clean it properly unless it’s burned. Cleaning the card should solve this problem. Otherwise replace it if it is burned.

5.       Test your RAM chip if it’s malfunctioning or not. In case the problem is associated with RAM then you can only remove the RAM chip from a desktop Mac as the laptop Mac chip can’t be removed.

Do you have DIY skills? If you’re confident about your DIY skill, Then you can simply test the circuit board and replace the chip as per your requirement. But you need to keep a thing in mind that replacing a chip is not as easy as it seems. Besides, a replacement only has a 70%-80% success rate. In case of uncertainty the task should be transferred to the professionals as they know the best. But if you’re confident enough about your work do it yourself.

How to protect a logic board?

Logic board is a circuit board on MacBook complex parts as well as connecting points. Among computer repairs, replacing any chip from the logic board is the most difficult task to do. However, logic board failure is considered the most common thing that can happen to any MacBook user. To prevent premature logic board failure on a MacBook, you can follow certain things to protect the computer. Now we’re going to discuss some tips and by following these you may avoid early logic board failure.

  • Keep the ventilator clean: The cooling fan in a computer automatically draws dust to it. A vast amount of dust accumulated into your Apple desktop or laptop may trap heat. It also indicates the accumulated heat needs to be dispersed, but what if it can’t do so? Your computer may work slower due to overheating. What can you do to prevent it? Keeping the inside of your computer clean should prevent such problems. Do the cleaning once a year, it may save your computer from future malfunctioning. To do the cleaning process use lint free cloth and isopropyl alcohol which are quite handy.
  • Check the cooling fan: A barrier against overheating is the cooling fan of your computer. So to keep it healthy and ensure the workability check the cooling fan for the right shape. Otherwise it may make unwanted sounds which is quite irritating. It’s also a sign of the cooling fan failing.  Run to Apple diagnostics if you see such a problem.
  • Ensure proper airflow: keep the ventilator outlets clean to prevent overheating. Because if the ventilation outlets get trapped it creates heat which may not bring anything great to your computer. It causes several chips of your logic board. As the air flow is blocked which accumulates heat and leads to burn.


For a Mac computer Logic board is the main circuit board. In this article we’ve discussed “How to repair a MacBook logic board at home?” Following the steps should help you fix the logic board but you should also remember that – it’s the most critical task as it needs skill and expertise to fix this type of problem. If you’re unsure about your expertise then we suggest you no to take such risk and go for the technicians. A component such as a logic board needs to be handled very carefully. Your logic board need to be replaced if changing any particular chips don’t work. As a MacBook user you should also check for the warranty as the warranty may cover such an issue. 

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