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Our specialty and services

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Supported Technologies

Day by day each and every organization around the world is adapting the way of modernization. When it comes to the modernization term we can generally say that the use of information technologies has become mainstream. That’s why our firm doesn’t want to leave any corner of IT unchecked. We provide all sorts of technological support. Our service criteria consists of a variety of technology. We know there are a lot of technologies. Like, for mobile phones we have Android, IOS, Blackberry and many more. But our technical experts make sure that you get your job done. You might ask how well let us worry about that. And for computers we have some popular technologies like Windows, Mac, and Linux so on. We have trusted engineers to handle each section separately. Don’t think that like other shops we fix different things by the same guy. Cause that’s not humanly possible. As for hardware section they are pretty much same things in different names. And our hardware professional will take care of it easily.

Marketing and Promotion

We use promotional campaigns for our products and service so the customer gets to know us. One can also say that promotional material can also be seen as a direct marketing strategy. But we assure you. The sole purpose of our promotional marketing strategies is to give an easy target.

Promotional marketing can likewise incorporate challenges. That empowers support with an organization or item tests. Which offer something special. That allowed the clients to create their enthusiasm for the item. Advancements are likewise normal for live collaborations amongst clients and salesmen. Also empowering the buy of extra items.

That’s why we try to promote the best and newest technology in the market. So our clients get to know about the technology first. Also we make sure that even if they don’t buy it, they at least get to know about the tech. We also promote our clients businesses.


Certification is a very strong word in terms of trust. If a company acquires a certain level of certification in any matter. Then it becomes really easy for them to attract users. That’s why you can trust. As a computer repair service company the first thing we need are certifications. Since our main criteria is Computer systems, mobile and laptops. We hire top notch certified technicians. As for quality assurance you don’t have to worry a bit. We know there are some certifications that prove our company produces quality products and services. And nothing satisfies a customer than the assurance of quality products and services. We have some awesome and trustable certifications in quality assurance from the highest ranked company of US. Now you might of heard of the word security breach. Since everything about us is pure Information technology. And you need to blindly trust us with your valuable information. But what will happen if there is a breach. Don’t worry we got that covered too.


Servers ought to affect your tasks. Businesses confront a scope of IT challenges. You require your IT to be solid and adaptable — to help your business through evolving times. Deliberately dealing with your capacity and cooling necessities. And streamlined server farm administration can diminish organization costs. You require servers to enable you to address these difficulties.

Here are the best four reasons our company presents a devoted server:

** Framework wide reinforcements and organization

** Focal record archive and sharing reports

** Print and mail serving

** Facilitating databases

That’s why Mobile computer repair services manages the best and secure servers all around the world. We manages two kind of servers one is windows server another is linux server. We have professional developers that handle these servers separately. We always monitor server traffic. No power shortages will affect your work because we have backup power sources only to light up the server. Also we run these servers in some very high quality and powerful machines. So the chances of server interruption is quite low. And also we provide server setup services. Whenever a client approaches us with the urge to build a server. At first we educate them about windows and Linux servers. Then we inform them about the list of equipment needed to build a server. After that we install everything and provide them a list of instruction to handle the server. But apart from that we are always ready to serve you.

Router Services

On the off chance that you end up stuck in the Internets moderate path. Your Internet specialist co-op may not be the one to be blamed—the issue could very well be your router. As the gadget that transforms the wired Internet into Wi-Fi. In your moment of need we are here to help with the service. Router is delicate piece of equipment. Usually whenever a router is damaged or stops working people tend to change it rather than fix it. But we value your money. We have some engineers here who have a very keen eye to spot the malfunction in your tiny chipset of your router. We can fix your router in no time which will cost way less than a new router. Since we operate with different kinds of routers we have to understand how every router brand works. That’s why we have the knowledge to know which router works best in different situations. We also sell routers. We have different types of routers from a wide variety of brands. But we will suggest to you the best.

DVR System

Long ago, the grainy observation systems that worked on analog technology. Spoke to a leap forward in security and checking for businesses all around. Be that as it may, circumstances are different now. Advanced video reconnaissance is making analog technology outdated.

We have some awesome Digital video surveillance systems to protect you from any kind of harm. We also provide free software and knowledge to operate the devices correctly. Not only we sell the digital video surveillance systems we also repair them. Our hardware experts will make no stone unturned to solve your issue. Because of we don’t compromise with security. And we also we have a support team ready 24/7 in case of emergency assistance. Our store has a lot of DVR systems of different brands. As a matter of fact we can guarantee you of the following services written down below.

** Decreasing Misfortune, Robbery, and vandalism

Advanced reconnaissance cameras do not just catch and store more video than analog systems. Yet the nature of the video feed is far prevalent also

** Less demanding Establishment, MORE Successful Execution

Computerized systems can be introduced more effortlessly than analog systems. Also, require less gear and can enable your security to group all the more adequately.

** Remote checking

With a very coordinated advanced video system. You can screen the movement on your observation bolsters from anyplace on the planet

** Practical and Versatile

** Circulated Knowledge

** Enhanced Efficiency

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