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How to Recover Data from a Non Booting Operating System?

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How to Recover Data from a Non Booting Operating System?

What if your operating system is not booting? As a result you can’t access the data that are saved on your PC. Don’t worry it may happen very often. If your operating system becomes damaged or crashed you can’t access your important files, it’s normal yet depressing. So what will you do now? How can you access your important files, documents or pictures of your precious memory? Though it’s impossible to avoid such a disaster but it’s possible to recover data. In this article we’ll discuss “How to recover data from a non-booting operating system”.  

How to recover data from a non-booting operating system?

1.      Recover it (IS): It is considered the best tool for retrieving data from both Windows and Mac. It contains eight modes and functions to recover data. It wraps all the pictures of data loss, including- a) improper operation in Windows or Mac, b) accidental deletion of data, c) sudden shut down of computer, d) crash of system, e) damaged files, f) attack of virus and others. This program is so good because –

  • Easy to operate: There’s no data which can’t be recovered using this software. It has the skill and experience to retrieve any lost data. The one thing you need to do is ‘scanning’.
  • Security of data: It’s difficult to get the safest software from your computer. But a program named iSkysoft has made this thing easier. It contains an impeccable reputation in recovering data for many users. You can entrust your data to this program. Even it can even recover from a system crash.
  • Compatibility with windows or mac: No matter what operating system you’re using, a Windows or Mac OS. It has compatibility with anything. Using this you can successfully recover videos, audios, email, documents, files etc. without data loss.

2.      Using MiniTool power recovery: Before recovering data from a non-booting OS, you have to download the MiniTool power recovery tool first. Then check the steps below:

Step 1:

  • Create a bootable disk for the MiniTool power recovery tool.
  • Click on the Bootable Media situated below the left corner of the data recovery tool.
  • Plug in the MiniTool and click on WinPE based media.  
  • Bootable CDs, DVDs and USB drives need to be created.

   Step 2:

  • Perform booting from the bootable disk in your computer. For that at first connect the MiniTool power data recovery tool which is a bootable disk with your non-booting operating system.
  • Now as the boot device, enter BIOS and set the bootable disk.
  • Save the changes for configuration.
  • Tap on the MiniTool power data recovery option under the MiniTool PE Leader and interface to continue.

  Step 3: Now it’s time to retrieve data without an operating system.

  • In the main interface of the MiniTool power data recovery bootable disk, choose the targeted device to recover data from the non-booting operating system.  In the windows you may find four different windows recovery modules.
  • This PC: When you choose a data recovery module that can recover damaged files, lost files or even formatted files. However, you can recover data from any module.
  • Removal disk drive: By using a removable disk drive, you can recover data from CD, USB, DVD and other removal disk drives easily and quickly.
  • Hard disk: After the windows has been installed, a hard disk drive specially designed to recover data from the lost partition.
  • CD or DVD Drive: It can recover data from both CD and DVD.
  • Click on the Scan option. We recommend waiting for a full scan because it’ll help you to get the best recovery result.
  • Choose all the important files you want to have and save them into a safe place where there’s no chance of losing the files again. If you want to recover your photos or videos, open and view them before saving.

It’s quite easy to retrieve data from a non-booting operating system using Minitool power data recovery software. Not only personal, using this software you can also recover professional data as per requirement. This read-only tool can recover any data without causing any harm to the original data. So do you want to know “How to recover data from a non-booting operating system”? Go through the above steps.

How to avoid data loss?

It’s normal that your computer is not booting. It can happen to any of us. But why do you have to wait for such a disaster? If you take precautions, you don’t have to go through the disaster. Taking necessary action to reduce the risk of data loss in advance is a good choice. To do so:

  • One of the simplest ways to avoid data loss is to have data backup in USB drive when your computer is not booting or it’s broken, damaged or bad.
  • When you’ve so much data on your Windows PC or Mac hard drive, it’s quite impossible to back up the whole contents in a secure place all the time. In case you find you lose something important or couldn’t find from your previous backups, you better find a software that can help you in data recovering from a non-booting operating system. Through this you can recover files or documents from the previous backup.


By using several data recovering programs available on the internet, you can recover data from a non-booting operating system. Even if your computer has crashed, damaged or is non-booting. We’ve discussed how to recover data from a non-booting operating system. Hopefully all the information would help you to solve such an issue.     

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