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Tips for Speeding Up Your PC

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Tips for speeding up your PC

If your Windows PC is going too slow, then here are some tips for speeding up your pc. On the time of writing this blog, Windows 10 is considered.  Now check that which tip can help you.

Restart Your PC

When your PC behaves abnormally then first try to ‘Restart’. It is a common solution, but people tend to forget the common. The hibernation of PC will save power, but only the full reboot erases the cobwebs in the brain of the operating system and gives it a new start. If the PC is very slow, do it randomly when you need.

Clean Your Internal Unit

When you get your internal storage is about to be full, then your hard drive or SSD could be slowing down. But if your drive has a lot of free space, skip this section. Now go for the Windows disk cleanup tool. In the Cortana search field, type ‘disk’ and select ‘Clean Disk’. Then do the disk clean up from here. Moreover, you can ‘Uninstall’ programs that you no longer use.

Activate High Performance

If you are willing to increase your electricity bill and decrease battery performance, then use this suggestion. At first, you have to do Right-click the Start button, after that select Power Options in the resulting menu. Then display the option ‘Show additional plans’ in the resulting window of the Control Panel. Select High performance.

Stop The Processes With More Consumption

You can stop the processes which are monopolizing a large number of resources. To find out those, do the right-click on your desktop taskbar and then you have to select ‘Task Manager’. Then on the tab named ‘Processes’, click on the column header of the CPU to sort it with ‘processor usage’. End the processes which take higher CPU percentages but you don’t need them.

Eliminate Unnecessary Automatic Startup Programs

Sometimes the Startup programs slow down your PC. The antivirus program and some other necessary programs should load when starting PC. But some programs, even the good ones that you use frequently, do not really need to run all the time. You have to stop them from automatic loading. To do this, right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. Click on Startup, then right-click your entry in the Home tab and select Deactivate.

Check For Malicious Software

I doubt that an infection is intentionally decreasing your PC. There are no illegal gains with that. In addition, it is a sure way to trigger the suspicions of a victim. But some harmful codes can slow down your PC’s performance, even if that was not the intention of the criminal. To remove these, you can use trusted antivirus software.

If after trying these suggestions, your PC still seems slow, it might be time to repair or update the hardware. You can easily contact us at to get the best service which we provide.

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