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Google secretly saves every data you Say and Do. Here’s how to stop it

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Google is recording everything you say, what you do and every move you made. Unbeknownst to you and 24 hours a day. In this short guide I will show you how to delete all your sensitive data and protect your privacy effectively.

Today we talk about Google privacy. This time the combination is anything but reassuring. Thanks to the features of its elaborate search software, Google could have entire years of recorded conversations without your knowledge.

Google allows you to search for any information on the web through the voice using both the voice recognition function and the virtual assistant.

Every search, conversation and action has been listened to recorded and cataloged.

According to the Independent UK magazine, since these features have been activated since 2015, this means that your darkest secrets stored may have been documented and saved somewhere. Somewhere for two years.

If on the one hand the virtual assistant responds only after activating the voice command “OK, Google”, instead the microphone is active 24 hours a day.

But do not despair, here’s the good news: you can access all the information Google has about you by turning to the Google history section. By the way, read also how to increase your privacy level with this little trick.

The company has a very unique audio page. On the one hand we find a long list of stored recordings, on the other you will see saved all your activities on the web.

At this point you can listen to some of the past recordings and delete them immediately, change the settings and also delete the position history. Yes, because Google, through Google Maps, also saves your every move.

We delete every data and change the settings

When you connect to the ” My activities ” page, you will see a timeline of each of your past activities, the websites you’ve searched for and visited, as well as the images and videos you’ve viewed.

The current privacy settings determine what exactly appears in your timeline.

You are said by Google that they stores your speech recordings to enhance your experience with the speech search operation.

If you want to permanently delete audio files, Google allows you to do so by clicking “Delete activity by” on the top left of the Tasks page.

Using the drop down menu, select “Always” under “Delete by date”, choose “Voice & Audio” from the bottom menu and click “Delete”. Otherwise select “All Products” and proceed to delete any data.

End or Delete your activities and modify the configurationsGoogle voice search records

Finally, you can transform configurations to avoid future files of your speech and other sound from being stored to your Google account.

From the navigation bar on the left, click on “Activity management” and suspend the voice “Voice and audio activity” by clicking the button on the right.

Here’s what Google says after making the change:

Allow you to better recognize your voice and improve speech recognition by storing your voice and audio inputs into your account (for example, when you say “Ok Google” to perform a voice or speech search). The audio is saved to your account only if you are logged in to the account and Voice and Audio Activity is turned on. Audio can also be saved when the device is offline.

When you have finished suspending any activity monitored and stored by Google, you are ready for the final step ‘change the privacy settings according’ to your needs.

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