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MacBook Air Water Damage Repair Cost

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MacBook Air Water Damage Repair Cost

MacBook Air water spills are some of the most annoying incidents for Apple lovers who experience them either accidentally or unconsciously. Any water damage causes the owner troubles in terms of the time and money required for fixing whatever happened. If you already have one of them or are suspecting that one may have occurred to your device, you might want to know MacBook Air water damage repair cost.

This article explains the different aspects of MacBook air water damage repair, the severity of the problem, and the estimated service cost for each of them.

How does May Liquid/Water Spills happen?

The whole point of getting a laptop is that you want to stay productive on the go, and the ownership of a MacBook Air adds a new dimension to this mobility with an enriched hardware profile, top-notch operating system features and supports. But, none of these improvements are enough to save your device from the damage(s) caused by water spills.

The laptop might sit atop your worktable or in your lap or on the soft cushion of your bed. It’s not uncommon for anyone to have a drink while working. You never know when things may turn bad since you cannot always remain cautious of not dragging the cup/mug full of coffee/water near the device only to pour some liquid over the keyboard or screen accidentally.

Sometimes, your darling kid may do the pouring out of his/her childish tendencies or the little pet would run into the mug to cause some of the water/drink to spill over the precious Air gadget. Other accidents might happen, but these are the most frequently occurring events.

What Are the Signs of Water Damage?

Should water damage occur, a lot of problems might show up. Here’re a few examples.

Keyboard Issues
• The system won’t respond spontaneously as you press a key.
• Several keys are in motion through you’ve pressed just one/two.
• Some keys aren’t working at all.
• A few keys feel particularly stuck.
• Some watermarks are visible in between the keys or around the keypad

Screen Issues
• The screen blinks or flickers after a few minutes.
• Some portions of the screen seem to have lost their original clarity.
• The screen might not show anything if the water reached somewhere in its points of connection.

An important MacBook air water damage indicator can be any sign of corrosion for computers contain metals of different types including copper which takes a green residue on it if it comes into contact with water.

Sometimes, the charging ports of the device might undergo troubles, especially if water gets trapped inside preventing the regular electrical mechanism. In addition, the touchpad may not work properly. The fact is the touchpad itself isn’t very easy to get affected, but you may not have much of convenience if you try multi-touch gestures. However, it may not happen frequently.

MacBook Air Water Damage Repair Cost

Seeing any of these symptoms might make you think about the cost that actually depends on the extent of the damage caused by water. The above issues are common, and you may not cost an arm and leg.

Different repair shops charge differently based on their pricing policy and other factors like reputation and competition. Some shops usually charge a fee for an inspection and a separate fee for the repair while some shops charge only for the repair services.

Service centers authorized by Apple don’t charge any fee for the inspection. So, this can be a good option for many users. A standard figure can be anywhere between $50 and $100. But, you need to understand a few things here.

What to Expect from MacBook Air Water Damage Repair?

Any professional will examine the case and motherboard thoroughly for any sign of damage. Upon detection (only if there’s any damage), the technician will take care of it. Also, all those areas that need attention will be cleaned and treated properly.

This is what can be included in a standard service agreement, and the average cost of MacBook air-liquid damage repair should be $60 plus the expense for any replacement if necessary. The usual turnaround time for such services can be just a working day. Emergency services (a few hours) may also be available at a higher service charge.

The need for a screen replacement isn’t a regular thing. If anyone tells that you need one, you should check it with an experienced fellow to be sure before investing in a new screen that would cost so much for liquid damage.

How to Prepare Your MacBook Air for Repairs?

To be honest, you really have not many things to do ahead of a water damage repair service. The actual job of examining and fixing the device will be carried out by a person who knows how to do it. But, you can do two things just after discovering that the device has had water damages.

• First, you can turn off your MacBook and unplug it from any power source.
• Second, you can try to remove the battery. But, you should avoid it if you think you can’t really do it with the required care.
• Third, you should call a professional as soon as you can because the device requires to be cleaned and treated with any water damages quickly.

One more thing to note here is that the MacBook Air water damage repair cost doesn’t usually fluctuate by the model or year of release. Apart from the availability of supports, you should be cautious against any accidental damages such as water spill damages because such accidents would not only cost you the warranty (if you’ve one) but also cause you to spend extra money. So, try to keep your MacBook Air, a precious possession, as far away as possible from liquids.

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