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MacBook Repair Woodland Hills: Costs and Your Options

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MacBook Repair Woodland Hills: Costs and Your Options

MacBook repair becomes a necessity just the moment you discover that the Apple device isn’t working as it should or it’s showing symptoms of accidental damages. Some issues aren’t very serious and therefore can be solved without the supports of a qualified tech. But, some problems are too complicated for DIY people. MacBook devices are expensive, but that doesn’t indicate that repair services for those devices have to be costly.

Certain circumstances may lead you to look for a professional repairman. Want to know when? Keep reading. Neither Apple Extended warranty nor AppleCare protection is applicable to devices which don’t have the coverage.

Also, the area you dwell in may not have an Apple store, which, in fact, is common for many areas. Again, you may have one but at a distant location, and you may not have the time to sit all day to see your device is back to normal. So, it’s okay to hand your device over to a certified repair specialist.

What to Expect from Professional MacBook Repair Woodland Hills?

An Apple repair professional carries out several tasks, and each of them comes at a price. Look at the following list to know what a repairman can do.

  • Install and/or update the operating system
  • Install an anti-virus program and remove viruses, malware, and other malicious items
  • Replace a broken/damaged screen
  • Troubleshoot a MacBook that isn’t turning on
  • Fix slow performance or tweak the device
  • Fix system issues/errors
  • Resolve blank screen issues
  • Fix weird/strange noises (clicking, grinding, etc.) heard from the hard drive
  • Replace the logic board

Liquid spills and drops are two of the most common reasons for accidental damages which require professional assistance, and it all starts with some diagnosis. However, technicians may run diagnosis in some other cases, especially when you can’t tell them why exactly a problem is.

Another aspect of MacBook repair Woodland Hills is that you can receive supports in two ways – either by paying a visit to the repair center or by calling a pro to come over to your place and do the job. If you’re going to invite someone to your place for the job, you need to spend a little extra.

When to Call a MacBook Repair Professional?

You shouldn’t call someone immediately just because your MacBook isn’t working properly. Visit Apple’s official web pages where you’ll have a lot of troubleshooting tips which may save you the trouble. Once you’re sure you can’t fix it on your own; you can take the next step. Here’re a few instances to suggest when you should really contact a MacBook repair specialist instead of trying it yourself.

One of the most common reasons is a faulty or damaged logic board which is the basically the foundation of any Apple computer. The machine may not have power. You may see a white screen and no shows. Sometimes, you may hear a beeping noise as the machine starts.

Another problem that users face quite frequently is a faulty or malfunctioning hard drive which is also a key component of the machine. As you boot up the machine, you may see a flashing folder and a question mark. You may lose access to the file. Also, the device may start showing poor performance with slow boot process. Sometimes, noises can be heard as well. You shouldn’t ignore any of these signs.

How Much Do MacBook Repair Services Cost?

Considering the model and release year, repair shops charge a fixed or flat rate, and some shops charge an hourly fee along with additional cost of the required parts. Whether you need to pay on an hourly basis or a flat fee, it all depends on where the shop is located and of course your individual repair preferences. In some cases, the experience of a technician also matters.

Here’s a quick overview of the expected cost of repairs for different computer problems and hardware components.

Laptop Hard Drive

Technically, there’s no way you can repair a hard drive if it’s really damaged or unusable. As a replacement seems to be the only solution, you need to spend anywhere between $225 and $250 depending on which model you use and the year it was released in. On average, you need to allow up to 2 days provided that the replacement hard drive is in stock.

You can check out another detailed article on hard drive replacement cost and other factors for better understanding.

Logic Board Replacement

Since it’s a vital part of the device, and there is hardly anything one can do when it goes wrong, you may need to make a substantial budget for this.

A typical logic board costs anywhere between $350 and $500, but some models cost a little more up to $750. As for hard drive replacement, you need to wait for a couple of days in this case.

If your Touch Bar needs to be replaced along with the Logic Board, the cost may go considerably high for models released within the past 2-3 years. While there’re serious variations in pricing, you should be ready to spend up to $1,200 for a recent MackBook model.

It’s okay to wonder why the cost is so high. Well, it’s all about the Touch Bar. Most of the models made to be available throughout the past few years include a Touch Bar based on a new technology which is the chief driver of the cost. Since efforts are being taken to bring cost-efficiency in the implementation of the technology, it’s expected that the cost would become reasonably reduced.

Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid damages are some of the most annoying issues that cost at least $120. Sometimes, the cost my go as high as $300. Sometimes, the repair can be forgiving enough to let you go for a repair job instead of a costly replacement. It’s either broken or damaged screen that leaves you no choice but a replacement.

Depending on the above discussion, you can take that the cost of MacBook repair Woodland Hills should not be higher than $1,200 assuming that all types of repair tasks are required. The cost varies from technician to technician and model to model, etc.

At Mobile Computer Repair Services, we offer affordable MacBook repair services for all models, and we keep the cost within a reasonable limit and the time to finish the job won’t be longer than 2 business days. Call us today for a free quote for our MacBook repair services.

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